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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Communication is changing. Face to face communication is increasingly being replaced by digital communication. Therefore, verbal communication is transformed into text and nonverbal communication into emoji. But can a “happy” emoji truly make up for the experience of a friend smiling at you?


Emojis are pictograms that are currently used worldwide as they play an important role in everyday interactions. It is estimated that almost half of all text messages exchanged on digital platforms contain emojis. The most popular among them are emojis that mimic facial expressions of emotions. For this reason, it can also be assumed that emojis take over the emotional aspect of communication in text messages. They are said to reflect non-verbal communication in text messages and can sometimes be decisive in interpreting text messages.


In this project, we focus on the role of emojis in social emotion regulation. What is the importance of emojis in friends' emotional support, and how do you know which emoji is helpful or supportive in which situation?

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