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Long Night of Research

24. Mai 2024

On May 24, 2024, the Long Night of Research lit up Austria, and we from the Affective Neuro Lab had the honor of participating in this exceptional event at the Institute of Psychology in Innsbruck. Under the overarching theme "Bergtour der Psyche" 🏔️, the psychology center invited attendees on a fascinating journey through various facets of psychological research.

🌟 Highlights of the Evening

The excitement was palpable from the start. The evening began at the “Talstation” 🚡, where visitors received their stamp passes and a map 🗺️. Each station, creatively named after hiking destinations and marked with yellow signposts and markers, offered unique insights into the world of psychology. Visitors could collect stamps and receive a reward after collecting five 🏅.

- Hirnhügel 🧠: At the beginning of the tour, visitors were guided to the "Hirnhügel," where Matthias Schurz and Jeff Maerz explained how our brain functions and can be scanned through MRI.

- Emotionsgipfel 😊: Anna Gmeiner and Johnathan Weber managed this peak, presenting their work on whether cognitive training can improve emotional regulation. Their engaging demos sparked great interest and lively discussions.

- Schlafschutzhütte 💤: Mi Lande hosted this cozy spot, focusing on sleep hygiene and sleep disorders. Visitors could compete in a sleep quiz or relax by making lavender sachets. Mi's interactive stand was a hit, drawing crowds from start to finish.

- KI Kögel 🤖: Psychology students (Erich Lohr, Carina Zeitler & Maximilian Boll) had a special booth called "KI Kögel," where they introduced attendees to the fascinating topics of artificial intelligence, consciousness, creativity, and memory. Their presentations captivated visitors, showcasing the intersection of technology and psychology.

- Talstation 📋: Aaron Tolone and Sonja Kittelberger managed the information booth and entrance, ensuring smooth operations and assisting visitors with their questions.

🎉 Event Success

The evening was a tremendous success, attracting so many visitors that the stamp cards ran out and had to be reprinted multiple times. This overwhelming response reflects the public's strong interest and enthusiasm for psychological research.

It was a great pleasure to be part of this fun and impressive event. We are already looking forward to next year's Long Night of Research!

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