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Navigating the Landscape of Emotion Research: A Recap of the University of Innsbruck Workshop

1. Dez. 2023

🌐 Introduction:

Emotions, the intricate tapestry of human experience, were at the forefront of exploration during the recent "Landscape of Emotion Research" workshop at the University of Innsbruck. This event served as a unique gathering point for academics across diverse disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, sociology, industrial design, and business administration.

🔬 Diverse Research Traditions:

In psychology, emotions have long been a subject of profound inquiry, with their far-reaching impact on adaptive behavior, communication, and survival. Similarly, the business administration field, particularly in service, marketing, and innovation management, has seen a surge of interest in understanding the role of emotions. This has manifested in studies exploring emotions in service interactions, the servicescape, and even product designs and innovations.

🌈 The Tapestry at Innsbruck:

The University of Innsbruck stands as a hub for researchers spanning various disciplines, each engaged in the exploration of emotions in both research and teaching. The "Landscape of Emotion Research" workshop emerged with the primary objective of weaving together these diverse threads of emotion research. It aimed to create a platform for academics at the university to showcase emotions from different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches.

🔄 Initiating Research Exchange: One of the key goals of the workshop was to kickstart a robust research exchange. Attendees were not only given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the work of their peers but were also encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions. The hope is that this initial exchange will pave the way for future collaborations that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

🎉 Conclusion: The "Landscape of Emotion Research" workshop at the University of Innsbruck was a resounding success in fostering interdisciplinary connections and sparking dialogue.

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