Emotion regulation and empathy – More alike than meets the eyes

  • Emotion regulation and empathy both
    play key roles in social functioning and emotional wellbeing and it has been proposed that these processes are intrinsically related.

  • Yet, they have mostly been investigated separately.

  • For the first time, we examined the
    common and distinct neural underpinnings of emotion
    regulation and empathy by quantitatively combining
    the respective neuroimaging literature.

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Resting-state effective connectivity is systematically linked to reappraisal
success of high- and low-intensity negative emotions

  •  Contextual factors such as emotional
    intensity have been shown to impact the ability to implement regulation strategies.

  • In this study, we tested whether the neural network architecture underlying reappraisal in the absence of task
    stimuli, i.e. directional baseline connectivity, is directly
    related to the ability to regulate high- and low intensity
    negative emotions.

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